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Vulnerability Management: Getting down to brass tacks
When it comes to vulnerability management, there can be a lot of confusion within the security and compliance world— particularly around two of the most popular network security options available to test your defenses: penetration testing and vulnerability assessments.

As an IT professional, you may have questions, such as:
• What is the difference between penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and assessments?
• What are the different testing and scanning options available and the purpose of each?
• How often should these tests be performed?
• What should each report contain, and what are the next steps for remediation?
• How to know which service is right for your organization?

Join the Defendify team as we discuss the "Who, What, When, How, and Why" of these security testing fundamentals. You'll leave with a breakdown of the differences between external, internal, web application, network segmentation, wireless, black, white, gray, authenticated, unauthenticated, and more! We'll answer the myths and questions frequently asked about vulnerability management that our team hears from the wide range of business leaders we've worked with over the years.


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